Monday, August 28, 2006

what's up with Blogger?

I wrote a nice long post about all the round robin stuff I'm working on... but blogger won't let me add any photos! Or rather, it SAYS it's uploading photos but then they never show up. Extremely annoying.

I've spent part of the day trying to sell a car. Anyone looking for a '99 Camry, V6, stick shift with low miles? What a pain.

Boy, I'm just griping up a storm this afternoon! I'd better stop before I bum y'all out. I'll try again in a little bit with those photos...

As I suspected, I tried one more time and it works now!AAARGH!
So here's something diffferent. Remember I was looking for that Buggy Barn book to make "Crazy Cats" for a Humane Society auction? Well, here are my "5 Crazy Cats" -- they still need buttons for eyes, and there are going to be some crazy flowers in there, too. I love the Buggy Barn "crazy" technique and I see more of this kind of thing in my future. The whiskers are made from tiny rickrack (note to self: tiny rickrack is made of polyester, so don't use an iron set on "cotton" unless you want to rip seams and clean the iron)


Linda C said...

those are adorable, Julie! No surprise, I love kitties in person and in cloth.

Sorry you are having a frustrating day. Blogger and photos are never such a hot combination--they lie about the photos being "done".

Jenni said...

I love the cats - cool stripes on their backs. I like that you are doing a quilt for a Humane Society too.

Hedgehog said...

Just found your blog this morning - you've got a lot of great things going on. I especially like your cats!