Friday, August 18, 2006

it's me again

Well, my old sluggy habits are returning and I've been falling behind on my posts. It's that work thing, you know -- gets in the way of everything!

I do want to report that it is August 18 and I have not bought any fabric this month! I didn't officially join any group for this, and I still haven't managed to get the html code for this picture to put it in my sidebar (and I must confess, I haven't actually asked anyone for it...) . I am planning to bid on a book on EBay this afternoon, though -- can't tell you which one because I want to WIN without any more interference. I'm going to try to be one of those horrible people who puts in a bid about 10 seconds before the auction ends. bwahahahaha! But it is for a good cause, which I'll explain later, promise!

Today I need to go look for "gifties" to send with a row robin I'm doing -- Here's a picture of the blocks for my first row. I stole this idea from Quilting Bebbs, who did something similar with a group for a local quilt show.

I always have a hard time with gifties. I try to be original and find something other than the ol' FQ or cute package of needles... but I don't want to go too far off-track. Write and tell me what your favorites have been -- I definitely need ideas!

I need to finish up a block for (yet another) round robin that my local mini-group is doing. We're supposed to make one sort of complex block, and then the others will add borders using components of our center block. I'm doing a Hither and Yon, which is one of my favorites to make for other people but I've never made one for myself. I started using a pale blue Fossil Fern for the "light" but when I went to press the HSTs, it got totally scorched for some reason. Nothing else got scorched... $#*&$!. So -- back to the stash for something else, and I've go to re-do all those HSTs. If you hear someone cursing softly, you'll know it's me!


Linda C said...

I see in Blockbase that another name for Hither and Yon is "spools" That would seem appropriate. Sorry to hear about the scorching thing--yikes! especially when your sewing time has been limited a bit with that four letter word "work".

The neutral colored blocks look terrific. Isn't that what these blogs are for--to cheer on and inspire?? I bet Anne will get a big kick out of the them.

Shelina said...

A FQ, a seam ripper, a pretty address book, stuff you can get at a dollar store or Target, a fabric or photographic postcard, a candy bar, a handmade wallet, a quilt pattern, for an art quilter, a set of scraps, bookmarks, keychains.

Who do you send a gift to for a round robin - the person who worked on your quilt, or the person who you are sending a round to?