Tuesday, August 01, 2006

I was reading over the last few posts and realized I had never included a picture of the seemingly endless paper-piecing project I started in a class a few years ago -- so, here is the finished top:
It's quite simple -- there are 9-patch blocks made with 5 little square-in-squares, alternating with plain squares. I've never set out to do a blended quilt, but I think it looks sort of blendy! I'm calling it "Pansies Squared".


Linda C said...

it sure does look blendy, like that Sharon Yenter was sitting right next to you handing you the pieces to feed into the machine. LOL.

One of the girls in my quilt group has explored several of the quilts of this type. The fabrics really make the quilts.

Great job--it is quite lovely.

Linda C said...

looks like you got that photo right where you want it. I should have mentioned something about the resizing when I did the test comment. It should stay on your page though perhaps not on each individual post if you open it--that abbreviates the view a bit and parts of the side bar won't be there. Get it too big and either it won't load or it displaces everything down too low in the sidebar.

Looks like you are set, Julie