Saturday, August 05, 2006


I have a big work project to get done -- actually two of them -- but I just can't seem to make myself focus on either of them for more than a short time. I keep setting goals for myself: okay, if you get this part of it done you can go and sew for 1/2 hour -- but then I can't even stick to that! Does this happen to everyone? and how do you get over it (I know -- quit my job!)

I did spend some time seriously sewing with a couple of friends this afternoon, and got a good part of the second half of my batik jewel box sewn together. That's my UFO target for the month.

And, somehow I've signed myself up for a few "Robins" starting this month and next. I think the most interesting might be the Ostrich Robin at Peach Quilting -- called "Ostrich" because it doesn't fly: you do all the rounds yourself, following instructions that Kim will provide every couple of months! I have my center block made already -- it's a tiny bit from a pattern in Quiltmaker Magazine's last issue.

One of my online groups is doing a Row Robin and I've picked out the focus fabrics I want to use (my stash of Andover's American Tinware from their folk art collection a couple of years ago) but I haven't figured out what sort of blocks I'm going to do, yet. There's a few weeks left on that one.

Finally, one more photo and then I REALLY need to get some work done -- I finished the Spring Breeze top from A Pocket Full of Mysteries. Now to think about quilting it...


Sweet P said...

I didn't know your are a member of Dorothy's mystery group. Aren't her patterns fun? I love your Spring Breezes quilt. I didn't make that one. Too many other projects on my plate.

Linda C said...

It is almost like making a deal with the devil---I'll do the "hafta" do but first 30 mins of something I "wanna" do.

I don't work outside the home and there are still not enough hours in the day to suit me, LOL.

Good job on your two projects---I am leaning towards doing the ostrich myself but need to prep a block if so and hope it does not interfere with the commission of the other one my local group is doing. Now there is a "hafta" I'm avoiding!

Unknown said...

Hi there - thanks for leaving a comment on my blog - good to meet you - love the tree - I shall call back and see you from time to time
Anne at QuiltingBebbs

Kim West said...

That is a great center block for your ostrich!

Sweet P said...

I tried to reply to your question about quilt shows in New England you asked through my blog, but your email wasn't showing.

Anyway, the best quilt show is the World Quilt Show in Manchester in mid-August. Check out The Lowell Quilt show was nice and is also close to the New England Quilt Museum -

I don't know about any other quilt shows in the summer. Hope this helps.