Sunday, July 30, 2006


The fog is back and it's cool enough to sew again. I've finished my Gracie bag and (oh no!) three more Lazy Girl patterns are in the mail! I'm addicted and I admit it...

I also put the blocks together for the Spring Breeze mystery from Dorothy Young's Yahoo list a couple of months ago . This is going to have one more border that's a mottled purple/turquoise thing and might end up being a gift for a friend's second baby. I think Dorothy's design for the border is very effective, as simple as it is!

And, my tablerunner is done except for the binding -- didn't have anything in my vast stash that worked so I had to shop yesterday. I was excellent, though: 1/2 yard of fabric on sale and one beautiful button for Gracie. That's it!

Monday, July 24, 2006

baby it's hot!

Everyone thinks we're wimpy here for complaining when it gets above 90 for a few days at a time -- but when you don't have air conditioning, that's miserably hot! And, of course our home office is the hottest room in the house...

Rumor has it that the fog is creeping back in over the Golden Gate Bridge, though, so things ought to be tolerable again by tomorrow evening.

I've been trying to do a little sewing despite the heat. I finished my "Gracie" purse except for some kind of embellishment on the flap; I won't have time to look for something until next weekend probably -- will post a photo when it's done-done.

Also, I finally started quilting a table-runner I made last year as a pattern test for Linda Worland's ( paper panache) paper-pieced woven wedding ring pattern. I am doing some freehand loopy things in the centers, and some outlining in other places. I think it will need something more but I haven't figured it all out yet.

The pattern was easy and fun to do except that I have a hard time making the same block over and over in the same 4 fabrics -- I definitely have a short attention span that way! I also made Linda's current mystery block (I am hooked on those mysteries!) which is these cool dolphins (or porpoises?) I have a whole collection of these mystery blocks and haven't figured out what to do with them.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

a new leaf?

I keep promising myself that I'll post on a regular basis, but... I HAVE been sewing, honest!

I signed up for several UFO challenges this year; for one group my July project was to assemble a top out a bunch of "spring" swap blocks. I drew this on graph paper several times -- the blocks are all different sizes -- but I still made mistakes and had to rip seams a bunch of times.

I made the little bumblebee at the top and the yellow star with the red center in the bottom row, I keep saying I'm not going to do block swaps, but I always get sucked in!

My July project for another group was to assemble more swap blocks! This was a batik jewel-box swap from last year; we all used the same background fabric -- a Michael Miller Krystal. It is wonderful fabric, with a good texture print and enough body to stand up to the batiks. I put half my blocks together. The rest are next month's project, and then I'm planning a piano-key border. This one's going on my bed!

I'm working on a Lazy Girl purse this week -- the "Gracie" design. I've made a couple of the Towne Purses and they're so much fun. This one's going to be wild (wait 'til you see the fabric) and I'll post a photo when it's done.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Home Again

I'm back from vacation -- two weeks in Sweden, Norway and Denmark -- and pretty much over the jet-lag! Seems like it took forever before I could sleep through the night...

The highlight of the trip was the midnight sun we experienced at the far north of Norway. Here's a photo of it:

I know it just looks like sky, but I took this picture at about 1 a.m.!

We spent 5 days on a coastal express boat and saw some beautiful scenery -- here's one more photo; this is in a narrow fjord called Trollfjord (which was also the name of our ship!)

In other news, I came home to learn that I had won a 2nd place ribbon for my Nearly Insane quilt at the Alameda County Fair. I was just a tiny bit disappointed to not get a 1st -- but it's my first ribbon so I'm trying to be mature about it! There were a couple of very nice quilts that didn't win anything, but I have to say I wasn't excited about most of the winners.

Now I'm trying to get back into the swing of things -- work! quilting! cleaning up the garden! I have a couple of projects on the design wall and I'll write & post some photos soon.