Saturday, June 10, 2006

cleaning up

We are getting ready to go on vacation and I have an old friend coming to house-sit and cat-sit -- so that means cleaning up the guestroom, otherwise known as the quilt-stuff-strewn everywhere room. Luckily we only rarely have guests! I got motivated to clean "my" hall closet, too (we have a ton of closets in this house; when we moved in 8-1/2 years ago we thought they couldn't possibly get filled up.)

What a treasure-trove! Why do I have a large plastic bag full of crumbling pine cones and florist foam? Why do I still have a photographer's changing bag from my art-school days 30 years ago?

I had to resist pulling out all my Barbie stuff to play with... that goes back about (yikes!) 45 years. I'm saving it all to sell on EBay to finance my retirement.

My quilty project today was to make a second "Towne Purse" from Lazy Girl -- I love these purses! I forgot to put the outside pocket on before adding the lining (oh well)... here's a picture of both of the ones I've made.

The best part is the inside -- you can make the lining and pockets as wild as you want! It's kind of like wearing really outrageous underwear. Here's a picture...

My Nearly Insane and mini Storm at Sea were delivered to the county fair yesterday; I'll be out of town for most of the time it's open, but I'm hoping to sneak out there and see my quilts towards the end of the show-- especially since they gave me a free ticket!

See you later,


Thursday, June 01, 2006

Happy June!

Wow – how did that last month pass so quickly?

This is just a quick post to see how it works when I send in my notes via e-mail from outside the blogspot system. I’ve been more or less a quilty slug the last few days, although I did make a pillow-case to go with my nephew’s black & white quilt and I did start making the Swallowtail Butterfly block from Linda Hibbert’s block o’ the month (you can sign up for her monthly newsletter and wonderful patterns at I’m trying vellum paper for the paper-piecing for the first time and I like it!

More to follow…