Sunday, May 28, 2006

Lazy Days

It's finally summer-ish here, so I painted my toenails aqua and pulled my sandals out of the closet. DH hates the color, but too bad, right? Yesterday I played around with a girlfriend and then came home & took a nap while DH made a lovely seafood stew for dinner.

Today, I went to the zoo with my youngest brother, who is about to move his whole family to New Orleans (go figure!) to start a new business. Now all 3 of my siblings will have deserted the Bay Area and I'm feeling a bit orphaned.

The closest will be 400 miles away, and the farthest is thousands -- however far Tasmania is! Sigh.

I did finish up a quilt for one of my nephews who turned 18 a couple days ago and is graduating high school in a week or so. Here's a photo --

Most of the blocks came from swaps I did in the last few years -- for instance the ones with red were from a birthday block swap. I sent a different piece of red to each person and asked for a black & white block with that red. I think the results are pretty cool, and I think it's just right for my nephew!

What's next on the list? I'm dawdling along on a small square-in-square quilt that I started in a class about 3 years ago, maybe 4. And I have a patchwork-sweatshirt project that is pretty far along but I've decided that the fabrics are just insanely loud to wear, so I'm at a standstill with it. I hate to abandon it, though... maybe I should just finish it and give it away.

And for something new -- I promised a friend a "cat-themed" quilt for a silent auction for the humane society in the fall. So I need to figure out what that's going to be and get to work.

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