Wednesday, April 19, 2006

April updates

What a slug! I've gone a whole month without posting, but I have made some progress on the quilt front... although pictures will have to follow a little later.

First, I finished the borders on Nearly Insane and delivered it to the quilter a couple of weeks ago. She promises to have it back to me by mid-May, so that I can get the binding on and have it ready for the Alameda County Fair at the beginning of June. I've never entered anything in the fair before... maybe I'll make up a batch of meyer lemon marmelade to enter, too!

Then, I got all the blocks and sashing together for nephew Daniel's HS graduation gift -- it's a black/red/white sampler; most of the blocks came from 3 swaps over the last few years. It's now pin-basted and ready for some simple quilting, as soon as I figure out exactly what I want to do.

And, I've made a couple of quick baby-sized quilt tops in the last month, to put away for future quilting. One was a churn-dash, and the other is a "Twisted Sister" -- because I bought Ami Simms' template several years ago but had never tried it out. I had fun using some very bright floral as the background fabric.

More later, with some photos!