Sunday, September 20, 2015

It's Tops!

Periodically I get annoyed/distracted/obsessed with the mounds of scraps I've accumulated and feel compelled to DO SOMETHING.

(I sort of loosely follow a mashup of Bonnie Hunter's and Joan Ford's scrap management programs, so I've ended up with shoeboxes of 2", 2.5", 3", 3.5", 4" and 5" squares, as well as 2" and 2.5" strips.)

So I rummage around in books, magazines, and websites, and make myself a bunch of "kits".  Sometimes it takes a year or more to actually assemble them, but that's okay, right?

Recently, I've been on a roll, though, and here are three quilt tops I've finished up. (disclaimer -- I prefer to do a good pressing just before a quilt them, so I don't knock myself out pressing them if I'm pretty sure they'll sit in the closet for a while...)

First up is "Picnic" from one of Kim Brackett's books -- this one is all dots:
Next is a Scrappy Bargello, one of Bonnie Hunter's classics -- I've made 3 so far -- an excellent use of 2.5" strips:
And this is one I found somewhere... I'm embarrassed that I didn't make a note of it, but it was a fun use of 5" squares:

I've made 0 progress with my "Inked" fabrics, but I do have ideas!  Just trying to get a few more things done before cutting into them.

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Libby Fife said...

These are all very fun. I particularly like that middle one. And I know what you mean about the scraps:)