Sunday, May 10, 2015


As if I didn't already have enough crafty stuff going on around here, there's something new: a small loom.  A rigid heddle loom, to be exact -- just about the easiest kind of loom to work with. I've been looking at other bloggers' weaving projects for the last year or two and finally decided to take a class at a local shop.  Just before the class, I went to Stitches West  (a huge yarn show in Santa Clara -- sort of the equivalent of PIQF except it's pretty much all vendors!) and saw a woven scarf that I knew I had to duplicate -- and here is it:

The yarn has lovely thick "blobs" in it that I pulled up into puffy bits of texture in the weaving. It was so much fun that I had to buy the loom.

I've just finished my second project, using some recycled silk sari yarn that's been at the bottom of my stash for quite a while.  We recently replaced out 25-year-old sofa -- can you guess why? I have no idea what possessed us to pick out that huge floral print...
 The new sofa is simple and bright, and the silk yarn became accent pillows for it:

The yarn is like one of those old-fashioned surprise balls we used to get as gifts -- a way long time ago, before everyone decided it was a bad thing to give tiny little toys to small children -- as the lengths of spun cloth are joined together in no particular order and you never know what color will come next in the ball.

I have about 2 balls of yarn left, so there will probably be another colorful shawl coming up sometime.


Julie said...

I love your weaving projects. That yarn made up into awesome pillows and great new couch! Your old one looked in great shape for how old it was, but yeah on the floral pattern! :)

Dianne said...

Wow, gorgeous pillows, Julie! Where did you get the recycled sari silk? I've been toying with the idea of getting some and trying a colorful, different scarf or shawl.

Very cold in Mittagong these days and windy as the devil. Can't wait for 23 June, when it's back to Glen Ellen for a few weeks!