Sunday, February 09, 2014

Sunday Morning

Northern California is finally having normal winter weather -- gray and rainy --
after months of dryness and predictions of terrible drought.  Of course we haven't had enough rain yet to overturn the predictions, but at lease the hills are beginning to green up a bit. And, it's sufficiently gloomy out there to make spending the day with a good book or some knitting the best plan!

I was inspired by Suzanne to pick up the camera and go after Bucky, but he wasn't feeling very photogenic or amusing this morning.  This is his basic "meatloaf" position, otherwise known as "pretend I'm not here". 

And this is a quick shot of the sewing AKA guest room -- just to prove to Catherine that I did get it all cleaned up for my sister!  There's even a vase of flowers on the sewing table...


Tami @ Lemon Tree Tales said...

No, no to the rain. We'll be in northern CA for a few days and I'm looking forward to some warmer weather than the 10 below 0 temps that we had this past week in Cheyenne. Yes to the green grass please. ;-)

Hope your sister has a fantastic visit with you.

Catherine said...

very nice cleanup job - I knew you could do it. Lots of mail waiting for sis!


Librarynan said...

Nice 'overhead' shot of Bucky!! Glad he is looking so good. I took an overhead shot of Dorian to see if I could match the meatloaf look... but in the photo he just looked like a giant dust bunny.

Nice clean-up job... have a great visit with your sister.