Tuesday, March 26, 2013

the demise of google reader

it really frosts me that google is pulling the plug on something used by a ton of people, that probably is costing them next to nothing to maintain (in the grand, google scheme of things), and for which there doesn't seem to be any substitute that works as well...   I want a service that keeps track of what I've read from one computer/tablet/phone to another!

so I'm trying out a couple of the options.  Bloglovin' (stupid name) which I haven't really gotten past first base with, requires me to post this in order to "claim my blog" but I don't really understand why:
Follow my blog with Bloglovin
And I'm concerned that they seem to want to send me an email every time someone publishes a new post on their blog -- just what I need is more email!

Feedly (another stupid name) was easy to sign up for but I don't really like the way it presents things -- it has a list called "featured blogs" but I haven't figured out what that means and where are the rest of my blogs if they're not "featured"?

Bloglines -- I think that what I used before google -- for some reason does not support blogs anymore, despite their name.

If you've tried another service that you like, or  if you can explain the mysteries of any of the ones I've mentioned, please write!


Kay said...

I so agree with you about this! Infuriating, and I would think that Google Reader would actually be good for google at least indirectly because it brings people to the advertising. I'm using Bloglovin. It's ok, except I don't see how to organize the blogs. I just get a daily email of everything. I don't get the individual emails that you were complaining about though.

Tami @ Lemon Tree Tales said...

I know, it's so frustrating. I'm using Feedly right now. I've discovered that if you tap that little three bar button to the left you'll get a menu. Usually I just select ALL and get all the unread posts. I haven't yet tried logging into it on other computers or my cell phone so I don't know how/if it works in that way. I'm not 100% happy with it but I'm not sure that I like the alternatives as much. {{sigh}}

Nicole said...

I am pretty sure there is a way to just go to Bloglovin and read your favorite blogs without getting an email each time one is updated. Wish I could tell you how to fix that!

Anonymous said...

When you are in Bloglovin, click on settings. There will be a section on "notifications". Click that you want NO emails. That should fix it! Then you just go to Bloglovin when you want to catch up on your faves.

imquilternity said...

I'm having the same sort of experience that you are and it is frustrating. I feel like we're always being "jerked around" from one latest/greatest technology to the next. If something works, why mess with it? Anyway, I'm testing Feedly (which I don't particularly care for but can make work if I have to) and The Old Reader, which reminds me of Google Reader. It's my favorite so far, but don't know how stable a platform it is. I fear that we are all going to lose track of each other. :-{

Kate North said...

Julie, I've tried those three, and I really didn't like Bloglovin' - pretty to look at, but you have to click through to each one to read it. And no way to group or organise as far as I can tell. Bloglines does work with blogs but I can't remember how I worked out what to do - it took ages, though and it's so newsfeedy it looks cr*p. I'm using feedly - the whole featured thing is mildly annoying, but you can get to the rest of the blogs down the sidebar on the left (and you can organise in groups) so I'm finding it ok. However, I am only using it on a couple of laptops in the house, no tablet or phone, so I can't vouch for those... Oh, I also tried The Old Reader, which is ok - but I didn't get into it heavily because it took over a week to import my feeds from google reader and by then I had got used to feedly. It's pretty much like google reader was before the last change, though.

Sue H said...

Maddening, isn't it? I have been testing Feedly, but we haven't bonded and I'm not sure we will. I may have to try Bloglovin next...we need help!