Thursday, February 07, 2013

My Insomnia

I am on my almost-annual work trip in Europe and its a banner year for jet-lag!  Here's my sleeping schedule so far:

Saturday night flight from San Francisco to Munich: 11 hour flight and about 3 hours of sleep

Monday night: London, about 3 hours of sleep

Tuesday night: about 4 hours of sleep

Wednesday night: no meetings the next day, so I decided to go to bed (around midnight) and not set the alarm -- I woke up at 12:15 Thursday afternoon!  12 hours

Thursday night: it is 4:39 a.m. And I have been wide awake all night. Grrrrrr...

 I fly home tomorrow --

(the upside of this is that I've caught up with my huge backlog of google reader posts)


sophie said...

Poor you. I hope you have some time to get some sleep and let your body settle back into pacific time.

Anonymous said...

Your sleeping schedule sounds like what I went through for 13 years while working odd night time hours. Now that I'm retired, I still haven't been able to get on a 'regular' sleep schedule. Hope all goes well with you. Thanks for sharing.