Wednesday, August 01, 2012

The Long Beach Report

At long last I've got my act together to tell you about the quilt show last weekend.  I've gone to every one of the Long Beach shows since they started -- I think this was the 5th one. (I remember them by the hotel rooms...)

Anyway, I digress.  I have to say I was disappointed this year.  There were lots and lots of quilts that left me cold, and not enough that excited or inspired me. Even the SAQA (no photography!) exhibit was sort of blah this year.

The real measure of my opinion is that aside from one exhibit, I only photographed 12 quilts. 12 quilts! Usually I come home with dozens of pictures!

The one exhibit that grabbed me was "Twelve by 12" -- you can find their website here.  Twelve art quilters, some of whom I know through their blogs, devised a project of creating a small quilt every other month based on particular themes or colors. They were pretty much the star(s) of the show for me. Here's one example, called "eggplant":

Just a few standouts from the rest of the show -- completely different styles:
This is "Pointless" by Laura Bisagna of California:

And here is "Funky Reef" by Anna Faustino of Pennsylvania:

And finally, "The Summer Sun II" by Reiko Naganuma of Japan:

Here's a detail of the embroidered trees -- I adore this:

Now, back to catch up on a little sewing...


Yvette said...

I have to agree with you. I was also very disappointed. I didn't even take one picture.

Diane Perin said...

Thank you for the nice comments about the Twelve by Twelve exhibit! I'm so glad you enjoyed it!

imquilternity said...

Thanks for your honesty. That's how I felt about the LB show the last time I was able to go, which was three years ago. I guess that's why it didn't bother me too much to miss it this year. Now I know for sure that I didn't have to worry!! The worst part about not going was not getting to meet you. :)

Barbara C said...

It's too bad about the show, but the quilts you culled for us are very dynamic. I guess the show needed a bit more editing.

Jackie said...

I agree, this was my second time. Most of the quilts were from Texas. The hanging was so confusing,it was hard to follow. Also, I went to the Saturday Night Sample and there were only 15 teachers. i have a feeling this show is in trouble.

Kay said...

Interesting that no one seemed to like the show much, but the quilts you showed are very interesting. I love the Japanese one! But then I always do... How do they do it?