Monday, May 28, 2012

Modern Quilts Illustrated - review

A little while ago, Weeks Ringle offered to send review copies of Modern Quilts Illustrated #1 to bloggers, to drum up a little more awareness of this new magazine published by the Modern Quilt Studio team of Weeks and her husband Bill Ringle.  I believe that issue #2 has just been released and #3 is nearly there... 

I'm always looking for ways to catapult myself into a more "modern" frame of mind, and I sort of have a thing about pears as a design element, so I had to take the bait!

It's a modest publication -- more like an over-sized brochure, actually -- but exquisitely produced and with no advertising. There are three quilt patterns and each is presented with several color options. As you'd expect from these designers, the quilts are graphic but not complex, and could easily take on a variety of "personalities" based on the fabrics used.  They could be scrappy or controlled -- your choice.

I haven't taken the opportunity to work with one of the patterns yet, although I have "Stacks" in mind for my next foray into the scrap bins.  The instructions are a bit minimal, but clear concise for anyone who's not a raw beginner. 

The designers include some narrative about their design ideas, as well as a few separate articles -- in this issue these deal with color palettes, fleece backings, and a variety of "short subjects".  

Overall it's a classy, if a bit pricy, departure from the usual plethora of franchise quilt magazines on the racks.  I'm not sure if this will be available in stores or only by subscription... more information is available here.

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