Friday, December 30, 2011

UFOs past and future

Yeah, yeah, it's time to show off what I finished in 2011 and confess to the ridiculous number of unfinished objects that remain.  All of the photos below are quilts that I finished except the "red squares"  which I donated to Blankies for Grownups as a flimsy for someone else to quilt. Three quilts were sold, two were gifted, and two were swapped.
My plan for 2012 is to do something with all the sets of blocks I've accumulated over the last few years, due to my addiction to the Block Lotto and random swaps and BOM projects. Here's my list:
- batik leaf blocks (2011)
- plaid/yellow BOM blocks (birthday swap 2011)
- checkerboard lotto blocks (2011)
- Friday block party -- at least 3 quilts' worth, maybe 4  (2010)
- black/multicolor blocks (birthday swap maybe 2009?)
- signature swap blocks (2009 or 2010)
- black & purple diamonds (2010 or 2011)
- Japanese sampler blocks
- log cabin block party blocks (2010)
- color blocks (swap in 2009 or 2010)
- stocking blocks (swap in 2011)
- maple leaf lotto blocks (2009?)
- black & batik swap blocks (old...)
- house blocks (birthday swap 2009?)

Wow -- that looks insane when I see it on the screen!  I might have to rethink this...  maybe a virtual garage sale?


Gail in Vegas said...

I love your idea of a virtual garage sale! Maybe a bunch of block lotto folks would like to participate. We could set up a separate blog for the virtual sale and have UFOs, fabric, tools, etc. Who knows how big it could grow?!

Kay said...

Very impressive! Some beautiful work here. I hope to do better next year.

Passionate Quilter said...

sheesh--that's not that many UFO's--you can do it. Great work for 2011!