Saturday, February 26, 2011


The swap is done -- "Another Little Quilt Swap 5" -- and I'm so thrilled! The challenge was to make a very small quilt, about the size of a sheet of copy paper. This was my entry. It's my second version of a mosaic quilt, with straighter seams and a few beads added:
Kate posted photos of all the entries, and then we each sent a list of the ones we liked best and she had the onerous job of sorting things out so that everyone would receive a quilt that they wanted. This was on my list, and was actually my favorite out of all of them:

It was made by Wil Opio Oguta in the Netherlands -- I'd been in an ATC swap with her before and always loved what she came up with. I'm so happy to have it on my wall now!

There will be another swap coming up when Kate catches her breath. If you're interested, watch the ALQS blog for updates.

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