Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Kit Bag

But first: have you been bitten by the pillowcase bug? There are a few projects circulating the craft world to make pillowcases for kids in hospitals, and kids overseas... Craft Hope is promoting one such project for ConKerr Cancer and you can follow the link to read about it.

I wanted to make a couple of cases for my own bed, and since Joann's had everything on sale and some insanely cute fabrics to boot, I decided to jump in and sew. I bought fabrics to the body of the cases, and pulled the trim pieces from stash.

You can see a demo of my absolute favorite pattern here. It is genius!

You start with 27" of fabric for the body, 3" for the accent strip, and 9" for the border. It all gets rolled together and pinned up in a tube like this:

And after you sew one seam and turn it right-sides out, you end up with beautiful finished borders and no raw edges!

Then you just have to stitch up the side and bottom (I do a quick French seam but a serger would be even faster) and voila:

Aren't those ladybug dots adorable?

So -- the kit bag -- I got energetic over the weekend and pulled out several patterns I've been thinking about and a ton of fabric and created "kits" for myself for when I feel like sewing but not cutting. Most of these are very scrappy and I'm looking forward to working on them.


Joanne Lendaro said...

Kit bags are a great idea! I have some of those too, does that mean we don't call them UFO's?

Elaine Adair said...

Oh yes, I made a bunch of them also. And wouldn't it be a nice container for a quilt that you are giving away? You could use up some of the scraps, and it would 'hold' the quilt during shipment, and then be used for the pillow at it's destination. A GREAT stash buster! Thanks for the reminder.

Anonymous said...

Gah! I have been looking for these exact pillowcase instructions. Thank you, thank you!!!

Barbara C said...

Pillowcases are great fun. They make up quickly so you really feel a sense of accomplishment. I managed to de-stash about 50 yards by making pillowcases. They went to a good cause and I gained some space on my shelves.

Kay said...

Those are cute! I bought some fabric to make them for Christmas gifts; unfortunately, although they're quick I don't enjoy making them much. So it will take DISCIPLINE. Thanks for posting the directions though. This gives me another source for them.

Darcie said...

That YouTube vid is amazing!!! How do people get so smart, I ask?! Super cool...thanks for sharing that! I've always seen the pillow cases for sale or give-away, but I've never seen how they're actually finished.

Enjoy your projects, Julie! Way to get organized. ;-)

Joyce said...

I love that pillowcase pattern and have made quite a few of them.

DPUTiger said...

I adore that pillowcase pattern. And I'll never forget how I learned it. We had a fairly new quilter in our Friday night 6-midnight group at Bearly Stitchin' in Pasadena. Mary Ellen, our fearless leader, noticed what she was doing, asked about her "pattern" and "made" her show the whole gang. She was really nervous to start out, but so thrilled when we all ooh'd and aah'd over the technique.

I have GOT to get back downstairs and do some sewing!