Sunday, December 02, 2007

clarification... or backtracking?

Okay, okay. Some clarification of my previous post about the obnoxious fabric swap: I wasn't really complaining about receiving ugly fabrics. As my faithful readers hastened to point out (LOL) I did ask for the stuff! It was more that I was sort of marveling at the fact that manufacturers would make, and quilters would buy, some of these hideous prints and colors. That's all.

(pause while I whack my computer monitor a few times... it's developed this nasty habit of going black and sort of flashing. After trying a variety of cord-jiggling, and a different power cord, and half an hour on the phone with Dell {your warranty expired in 2005} -- my husband discovered that the way to get it working again was to soundly whack it a few times on the top edge. I sense a a trip to Best Buy in my near future)

Everyone in blogland has been showing their holiday decorations, so I thought I should drag mine out. We usually do a pretty minimal amount of decorating. I do have the rag wreath back on the front door (photo from last year is here) and the trees quilt in the hall. Once in a while we get a real tree, but usually at the last minute! However the Gumby Claus's come out every year and have a place of honor. I think I made them about 20 years ago, when I was involved with the mycological society (i.e. people who study mushrooms) -- note the Amanita muscaria on Mrs. Claus' apron! The bag o' toys was originally filled with mushrooms.

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Granny Fran said...

I love the Gumby Clauses!