Sunday, April 08, 2007

a little catching up

Follow ups to a couple of previous posts...

I did finally order a new USB cable for the camera... and it doesn't work! It appears that I didn't mess up the cable after all -- I messed up the USB socket in the camera. Very disturbing. I'm checking to see if it's something that can be fixed easily; otherwise I'll be looking for a new camera. This one is a Sony -- probably about 6-8 years old and cost a fortune. If I buy a new one, I want it to be little, and way less expensive. Do you have a digital camera you like? If so, tell me about it!

The quilt ladder is coming along, finally. It sat waiting to be sanded for weeks, but has now progressed to the point of having a second coat of varathane applied. I'll post a photo once it's loaded with quilts!

Finally, my sister who lives in Tasmania is arriving for a long visit tomorrow, so I'm desperately trying to un-clutter the guest-room/quilt room enough to unfold the futon bed and give her space to move around. Of course we're in the middle of a big bathroom remodel at the moment -- enlarging the master bath and updating the guest bath simultaneously (crazy us!) and so hubby and sis and I will be sharing the toilet and shower in the guest bath and the kitchen sink, for the duration.

More soon -- with photos!


Sweet P said...

Have a happy visit with your sister.

CONNIE W said...

We have two digital cameras. One is an Olympus, about 6 years old and when we bought it from a camera shop, it was quite expensive too and pretty much a mid (not quite the high end) camera. We like it fine but it's larger than is made these days and not nearly the pixel size and all that. For Christmas I bought DH a new little pocket size Sony at Walmart for less than $150 that has more pixels, etc than the old camera. But be aware of something I missed because I was rushing and didn't pay attention - the particular model I bought doesn't have a view finder, only the digital screen for focusing and when I was taking pictures recently outdoors in the sun I had difficulty seeing what was on the little screen. Otherwise though, the camera is perfect for our use. The price did not include the Memory Stick and they sell them also at Walmart at various prices. Hope this helps.
Having your sister around will be so nice - enjoy your time together!