Wednesday, December 06, 2006

One Word, please -- and robin comes home

I stole this from Nancy's blog and thought it was very interesting and scary and fun:

Describe me in ONE WORD...just one word! Send it to me only, and then send this message to your friends and family and see how many strange things people say about you!. . . .This is really fun! Just hit "Reply" and send me my one word back. Then forward this message on to your friends (including me) and see what they say about you!. . . .GAME ON!! This will make you laugh out loud.

So, I sent an email out to a bunch of friends & colleagues and a couple of siblings (who didn't respond) and my husband (who didn't respond -- said he needed to know "what context"!) and received a list of words...
- cautious
- wise
- feisty
- precise (twice!)
- logical
- efficient
- fun
- generous
- renaissance (woman)
- ubiquitous
- multi-dimensional
- kind

At first I was sort of bummed out because there seemed to be too many left-brain words. I know I'm logical and efficient and all that, and I do sort of pride myself on those attributes -- but it bothered me that that's what people were seeing! I'm an artist, dammit! Or at least a crafter! But then some of the other words showed up and rounded out my personality a bit!

I'm not sure what Celeste meant by "ubiquitous" -- but the rest of them shoes do fit...

In other news -- if you use spell-check in Blogger, it tries to change "blog" to something else.

And finally, some good Round Robin news -- here's a photo of my robin that came home today. I started out with some fabrics from the American Tinware line by Andover a couple-three years ago, which I'd been hoarding for no particular reason. Three others worked on this, and I really like the way it came out! It's about 30" square right now. I'm going to do one or two more borders, including some more of the center fabric -- after I finish up the rest of the stuff I need to do this month.


Anonymous said...

The quilt is nice - intersting corner details. I love how you found out how stupid blogger is to not have blog in it's spellcheck dictionary! It says it all. As for your one word - your husband is a very cautious man!

Shelina said...

That is a nice quilt. Like mystery quilts, I am afraid of doing round robins because you never know what you get, but yours turned out quite nicely.