Saturday, September 16, 2006

who do they think they're fooling?

I have a love-hate relationship with many of the quilt magazines on the market today. I know everyone else has strong opinions about them, too.

What prompted this post was a renewal solicitation I got in the mail yesterday. "One Time Only Offer; offer will not be repeated!", it says. "Lock in the lowest renewal prices you'll ever see!" It's 1 year for $21.98; 2 years for just $38.98.

So, I went and pulled out my most recent issue of the magazine and found the subscription card: 1 year for $21.98 and two years for $36.98. That's less than the special one-time-only offer for current subscribers! Don't you think someone would raise their hand in one of those marketing meetings and point this out?

Just to confuse matters even more, if you renew online, it's $19.98 for 1 year and $36.98 for 2 years... this one's Quiltmaker, by the way.

I have problems with a sister publication, Quilter's Newsletter Magazine, too. I just don't understand why so many of the cover quilts and the "gallery" articles show these fab, modern, arty pieces and yet so many of the patterns they publish are traditional, even old-fashioned quilts with drab colors. It's not that I dislike all their patterns -- I just don't understand the split personality!

I used to read Miniature Quilts before it folded, and made a number of quilts from their patterns. With that one, I always got annoyed by one designer who had a "wow-- look at this -- it's a nine-patch" kind of pattern in almost every issue. I think she made the same two quilts over and over in different 30's reproductions and every one of them was published in the magazine! Am I too harsh?

I'm opening up my comments section to your own personal pet peeve about the quilt magazine world -- or a pitch for your favorite!


Patti said...

I can't stand the magazines that are full of patterns using a particular line of fabrics. As far as I'm concerned all they are is a huge, expensive piece of advertisement. And they lead new quilters to believe they need to have exactly the same fabrics to make that quilt - which is exactly what the editors are hoping for. The whole magazine is just a reason for buying those lines of fabrics.

dot said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. I agree about the quilt patterns. As I look through magazines I find they are the same patterns I already have just in different fabrics. I do like quilt maker because they also print quilting designs. I don't subscribe because I purchase it at JoAnn's with my 40% coupon. I love your quilts.

Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

I don't subscribe to any magazines because I prefer to flip through them before I buy them - even if I do pay a higher price... because more times than not - I leave the magazine on the stand these days... I have plenty of quilt patterns already on my "to do" list.



Hedgehog said...

I get my magazines used from a quilt museum - then I don't pay much and I'm supporting them! This could be a good fundraiser for larger guilds, I think, too.

Sweet P said...

I only have one mag subscription and I think I'm going to let it run out. If I really want one, I'll use my JoAnn's coupon like Dot does.

Jenni said...

I subscribed to Australian P&Q for many years (I live in Oz) and gave it up about 12 months ago. Every magazine seemed to have the same designers each month, and some of the mags I could go thru without reading and say 'so & so did this one" & 'so & so did that one'. So predictable. I recently bought Downunder Quilts and found a lot of stuff recycled from other editions. I subscribe to Fons & P (save a fortune over buying in the stores here). I also like a few of the other US mags as they are different to what we have here, and have more of the old quilts and fabrics which I like. Some mags which are $5.99 US can be A$20 here - far too much to pay. I can buy them online at equilter, get some fabric, pay the postage and still get them cheaper. The Aussie mags IMHO tell us what 'our' style is, whether we like it or not. If you don't look at the internet, you wouldn't have a clue what is going on in the rest of the world.

Ms. Jan said...

I couldn't agree more! I've been a Quilter's Newsletter subscriber for 30 years off and on, but thankfully my guild gets both QNM and Quiltmaker so I don't have to subscribe. I do enjoy Fons and Porter and our guild gets half of the $20 per year we pay to subscribe!

Shelina said...

That was my pet peeve with Quilters newsletter magazine. They had this beautiful quilt on the cover, and no pattern! And all the patterns, as you pointed out, were a different style.
I had this one magazine that had several patterns, and every one of them was made in these ugly patterned fabric. I'm sure someone likes them, but how about some variety. Surely, they could have put one in there that I liked.
I also agree with the others that so many are patterns we can get elsewhere, just the fabric selection is different.

With all of the free patterns you can get online and at the library, not to mention all the patterns I have accumulated in my folder as quilts I want to make, there really isn't a need for a quilting magazine. Quilt magazines are just too expensive for me, for the value I get out of them. Most just have patterns, and since I don't read patterns, once I flip through them, they are useless and just take up storage space until I decide to make a quilt.

Elaine Adair said...

I purchase a quilt magazine when I've having a bad day -- usually at the grocery store, to reward myself for doing that dreaded job. When I get home and look at the magazine, I kick myself for shelling out $5.99 or $6.99 for 90% of stuff I've already seen. Then I remember, I can usually order off, used BOOKS, for less than I paid for the magazine, and I don't have to deal with the ads.

Peace -- oops, I am cranky today ...