Tuesday, April 15, 2014

My fabulous gift

Last year there was a bit of a kerfuffle towards the end of the Cotton Robin, when one quilt took the very long, scenic route from Canada to New Zealand (I think I've got the facts straight... I sort of blocked it all out once it was over!).  Halfway into the 6-week trip, I decided that we should make a new quilt for the person who was missing hers, and Sandra (with no blog) kindly sent me a new center block.  

Before the replacement project got any further, though, the missing quilt arrived (yay!) and some of the robineers decided to take the extra center block and make me a quilt -- I had never had anyone make me a quilt, so I agreed, expecting a "cotton robin" sort of 20-inch quilt.

So, imagine my surprise when I opened the box that was waiting for me when I came home Monday night -- this fabulous quilt is HUGE -- about 70" square!  It was created by 11 lovely women and it is going to hang in my office to make my workdays a lot brighter.

And in other news, I've jumped on the Tula Pink 100-Blocks bandwagon...  I had a small stack of fabrics I'd collected together a couple years ago and added a bunch more random stuff from the shelves and started a set of blocks. These are the first six -- there are four more now. They are truly addictive!

Monday, April 14, 2014

good results!

Finally (FINALLY) had a call from my doctor telling me that all my test results were fine. Thanks for all your good wishes after my freak-out post a few days ago... 

more soon, I'm off for a good night's sleep!

Friday, April 11, 2014

Kate posted recently about her history with the Block Lotto, which prompted me to go back through the archives and count up how long I've been participating and how many times I've won blocks...its actually a pretty good record!

I'm pretty sure that the first blocks I made were in January 2007 -- so I'm in my 8th year.  And I've won 8 times. Here are a few pictures for old times' sake...

This was my first block and first win -- the double 4-patch, made in matching sets.  This quilt went to a local women's and children's shelter.

This was possibly my favorite win -- the Amish houses. The quilt is called "Spencer's Village, and it was gifted to one of my nephews
This block is called "Thrifty" -- not sure why! I used my winnings to make a "weighted quilt" for a young niece with a variety of disabilities, after reading that the weight (about 5 pounds, achieved with poly pellets) can have a calming effect and promote better sleep. In fact, she still sleeps with this 5 years later!

The free-style trees are another favorite.  I won these blocks in December, 2010 but the quilt has just gone to be quilted in the last month.

 I won so many tic-tac-toe blocks in January 2010 that I was able to make two quilts -- these ended up going to my twin grand-niece and nephew when they were born in 2012.

Last but not least, another pair of quilts were made from liberated checkerboard blocks that I won in 2011. One was gifted to a friend's new daughter, and the other to a children's charity drive.

I hope you've enjoyed this little trip down memory lane -- and do check out the Block Lotto! It's a great way to use stash, try new things, and test your luck.

Wednesday, April 09, 2014

waiting... and bargains

I am waiting for results of a couple of medical tests.  The answer could be not-so-bad, or pretty awful.  I'll have the results in a few days.

In the meantime, I am bargaining.  I should mention that I am not at all a religious person -- never have been -- and if pressed I'd probably have to say I'm an atheist.  But that doesn't stop me from bargaining with some higher power for good news.

Of course, I haven't really figured out what the bargain(s) should be.  A bunch of money to charity? Finally getting serious about losing another 20 pounds? Finding religion?  I just don't know...

I suspect that whatever the news is, I'll just deal with it.  (is there a choice?) But in the meantime I'm something of a jittery, unfocused, insomniac wreck. I'm not so much for prayers, but please think good thoughts on my behalf -- it can't hurt!

Saturday, March 29, 2014

two quilts

Two quilt tops are going off to be long-armed tomorrow!  I can't remember if I've shown this one all put together -- most of the blocks were Block Lotto winnings from way too long ago, and I added a few more blocks and some giant borders to make this big enough for a very tall young man who's (we hope) going to graduate from high school this spring. He is the son of friends and I've known him since before he was born...

Next up is something newer -- this was the Planet Patchwork Christmas Mystery from 2013. I posted about it earlier, but just got the borders on and a backing pieced together today.

For some reason I've been on a jigsaw puzzle kick lately -- this is probably the 5th one I've done since the holidays. There are a few more stacked up in the basement but I'm trying to space them out so that I get some sewing done, too.  If anyone local want to swap puzzles, you know where to find me!

Could someone tell me why Blogger has decided to rotate all my photos recently?  When they come off the camera, I rotate (if needed) and crop them before saving, and then blogger rotates them  another 90 degrees when I upload them, so I have to go back and edit again...

Friday, March 14, 2014

another little quilt swap

I've enjoyed participating in this swap for the last few years.  The 2014 edition is just finishing up, and since my part of the swap is complete, I thought I'd show off what I sent and what I received.

This was the quilt I made. I started it quite a while ago, forgot about it, and then rediscovered the center part (hummingbird and yellow border) in one of my "orphan" bins a couple of months ago. Hmm... why not finish it up for the swap? 

And this is the quilt I received -- it was made by Wil Opio Oguta of The Netherlands.  I was especially interested in this one because my husband works in wind energy -- his eyes lit up when he saw it.  The four large patches have faint photos of old-fashioned windmills; it's very effective and I'm so happy to have received it!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

It's March

And way too long since my last post!  
In February, I celebrated the 2nd birthday of my twin niece&nephew (along with my own) and made each of them another sweater.  Bane is wearing "Biker Boy" and Mia has a lace-front cardigan.  Both a little bit big, this time -- so I'm hoping they'll fit for a while!

Then my sister and I went off to Empty Spools at Asilomar for a workshop with Sue Benner.  I didn't know anything about her beforehand, but ended up loving the week and her work.  

 The class was all about different ways to use fusing, and this was the first project. It still needs to be quilted, of course.  Everything gets fused directly onto a "quilt canvas" that is backing and batting already fused together, so it's very stable.

We shared a table with two fabulous new friends from Boise -- here's what things looked like by the last afternoon of class!

I'll have more pictures of Asilomar projects, and a couple of new knitted things, as soon as I get myself organized...